Madisson Ledan Discusses the Positive Benefits of Community Service for the Community as well as the Person Volunteering

Madisson Ledan
2 min readMar 13, 2020

Avid Boynton Beach volunteer Madisson Ledan discusses the positive benefits performing community service can have on the community as well as the individual volunteer.

BOYNTON BEACH, FL / March 11, 2020 / Community service offers countless benefits to those throughout the community, but it also offers numerous benefits to the person volunteering. Madisson Ledan is an active volunteer in the Boynton Beach area, and he recently discussed the positive benefits community service work has had on the Boynton Beach area as well as the volunteers themselves.

“We do it for the community,” Madisson Ledan says, “But the benefits we see as volunteers are just as valuable.”

Activists like Madisson Ledan describe that volunteering positively benefits the participant’s mental and physical health. Volunteering can reduce stress, improve overall mood, provide a sense of purpose, and in many ways, encourage volunteers to be more active than they would be at home.

“Volunteering keeps us mentally stimulated and feeling good,” Madisson Ledan says. “It also provides major improvements to our community, whether we’re picking up trash, helping build a home, providing food to those in need, or performing a wide range of other tasks.”

The benefits of community service for the community itself are numerous, enthusiasts like Madisson Ledan say. Even the most minute tasks can improve the lives of organizations, individuals, animals, and more greatly. The non-profit nature of volunteering means a certain organization, person, or community doesn’t need to spend money on these improvements. This allows them to use that much-needed money in other areas.

Madisson Ledan also expresses how his social life feels fulfilling, even though most of it revolves around volunteering.

“I don’t feel a need to pursue a social life in bars or clubs,” Madisson Ledan says. “I am so fulfilled by the relationships I make while volunteering. These people have become my friends and family, and my time with them is more valuable than any time I can spend going out or seeking a more active social life in other areas.”

Experts agree that volunteering allows the participant to make friends and contacts in a positive setting. These relationships can also expand the participant’s network, fostering other opportunities in the future.

“The ties I’ve made to this community throughout volunteer work are incredible,” Madisson Ledan adds. “I’m always here to help those in need, but I also have the peace of mind that if something should happen to me, the community is here for me as well.”

Madisson Ledan and other volunteer enthusiasts emphasize that volunteering is a two-way street. The community benefits from the work of volunteers, and volunteers benefit in countless physical and mental ways.



Madisson Ledan

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