Soccer and Haiti: How Madisson Ledan Connected with Impoverished Children

Madisson Ledan
2 min readApr 14, 2020

Whether he is playing soccer, video games, giving back to his community, or helping with his family, Madisson Ledan knows that the little things are what matters the most.

BOYNTON BEACH, FL / iCrowdNewsWire / April 13, 2020 / Madisson Ledan isn’t your average young adult . He repeatedly has gone above and beyond in order to help those who are less fortunate while still maintaining his love for friends and family.

Madisson Ledan doesn’t just keep the information he knows about sports to himself. He can frequently be found giving advice to those who came after him and are running track and field. He advises athletes to be cautious about pushing themselves too hard at the beginning of the season, as this is when injury happens. In addition to this, he stresses the importance of staying hydrated and ensuring that proper running attire is worn during practice and meets.

Madisson Ledan Connects With the Less Fortunate

Madisson Ledan recently visited his family in Haiti , where he was able to see the current state of the country and recognize that some things had to change. While he was in Haiti, he helped out where he could with his family and friends. He also brought his love for soccer and track to the country, teaching impoverished children about the wonders of soccer and running and, of course, how they can optimize their performance.

In every area of his life, Madisson Ledan is a selfless, kind-hearted individual. While he loves giving back to his community, he does take time to reflect on what community service means to him and who it benefits the most. While he does everything with a willing heart for his community, he notes that serving others gives just as much to the volunteer as it does the people being helped.

While many young adults his age are going out and partying in clubs or bars, Madisson Ledan chooses to use his time more wisely. He believes that the connections he has made within the Boynton Beach community are far more important than any night out on the town. For Madisson Ledan , volunteering with the community and making friendships with those near him are much more valuable than partying. He may be missing out on late nights at the club, but he has built a foundation in the community that far surpasses the importance of a fleeting Friday night.



Madisson Ledan

Madisson Ledan loves being outdoors. Whether it is a team sport like soccer, or individual events like track and field he enjoys being outside.